MySecondhandStore Giving back.
We at MySecondhandStore have deep roots in giving back. Store owner Dallas Morrison is a childhood cancer survivor and has an appreciation for giving back, because without donations to research he wouldn’t be here today.

At MySecondhandStore we work directly with some local charities, one of which is The Ester Foundation! With close to 5000 articles of clothing, and over $2000 donated directly to help this one-woman operation out of Airdrie, help cloth kids in African orphanages.
As well, due to warehouse space constrictions, all items that expire on contract, will be donated to a variety of charities that can help get the items to people in need.

You can help a local charity too!

When consigning with MSHS, you have the option of donating your consignment commissions to a charity of your choice! A tax receipt will be mailed to your address in your name, for any donations over $30CAD.

Additionally, MSHS donates unsold merchandise directly to charities in our community!

You can feel good about choosing MSHS!

De-Clutter, Donate, Get Tax Receipts! WIN. WIN. WIN.